8 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Acne

Before studying the tips proven to work, let’s look at what causes acne. There is a large number of factors that can cause this aesthetic disorder, but the internal factors are probably most spread. Sleep timings, a poor diet, stress, blood impurities or even hormonal imbalance are some of the most common factors that causes acne.

In addition to all these, the external factors, such as an unhygienic environment and various germs, might also cause acne. An important internal factor is the production of sebum, which is a specific oil created in the body. If sebum is overproduced, the pores of your skin will get clogged. As a direct result, a lot of pimples will appear on the whole body, but especially on the face.

Acne is common at teenagers, still there are some people who may experience this serious disorder at an older age.

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1. Drink plenty of water: this is a must if you want to get rid of acne easily. If your skin becomes dehydrated, all the dead cells inside your skin won’t be effectively shed, leading to blocked pores. Try to drink at least two liters of water each day.

2. Eat more fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts: it has been proven that acne might trigger when your body lacks selenium and zinc. These minerals are contained in nuts, fruits, vegetables and seeds, especially in the Brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds. You can easily increase the intake of these two minerals by creating delicious juices, smoothies and also by having extra seeds and nuts as a snack.

3. Use natural skin products: there are many skin care products on the market today that can aggravate your condition, therefore it is imperative to buy only those products that are certified to be 100 percent natural. Products that contain tea tree oil are a great choice, as this natural ingredient in recognised for its benefits fighting acne.

4. Be less stressed: today stress is considered the most important precursors of acne, therefore controlling its level will reduce the release of cortisol, the stress hormone. As a direct cause, the severity of acne is reduced. This is probably one of the hardest things to do when fighting to get rid of acne, still it is crucial.

5. Reduce the intake of sugar: a recent study just demonstrated that eating a lot of sugar and refined carbohydrates, such as pasta, rice and white bread, will lead to an immediate surge in insulin. This process leads to an increase in the male hormone, which in turn leads to an extra production of sebum. This substance, sebum, encourages the growth of the main bacteria responsible for acne.

6. Use toothpaste: even if this method is considered old-fashioned, it is widely used today for treating the unpleasant pimples which are caused by acne. Simply apply a small amount of toothpaste on all affected portions and then cover them with bandages. Leave it like that all night and wash it off the next morning. This is a great tip on how to get rid of acne and in the majority of cases it works overnight.

7. Keep hair away from face: our hair produces natural oils and it can seep into the skin and clog pores. A recipe for a pimple breakout.

8. Get some fresh air: a little bit of fresh air combined with sunshine will stimulate the creation of Vitamin D. This fact was also proven by scientists. This will also reduce the stress and will allow your skin to breathe.

By following these 8 tips on how to get rid your acne you will feel much better and will notice that this unpleasant aesthetic condition will start to disappear.

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