The story behind the secret

Before I get started let me first introduce how we first started this family run, acne product. Acne Treatment #9 first came about from my very well-love grandma back in the early 50′s when I became victum to “Zits”. Everyone around the world, me, you, even that beautiful girl who you always stare at, has once had acne. Everyone gets it, it is the outcome of puberty, and to some it may go away relatively easily, but for many others it may linger on until your 30′s, 40′s or even 50′s.

Skin of the Gods

As a young boy I first experienced the troubles of having acne; name calling, teasing, so I had to get rid of these troubling pimples one way or another. So one day I took a walk to my grams and noticed that she was looking through her herb cabinet looking for tea. Being a young little boy I said, “got any magic potions to get rid of my acne grandma?” She looked at me and said, “Ya know what Bobby, back when I was a little rascal just like yourself with acne, my grand dad use to wash my face with a certain type of herb tea” as she handed me a couple of plants that looked like nothing I’ve ever seen before. She proceeded to tell me that this skin supplement was passed down since the time of the Incas!

Now I truly don’t know how far this recipe has been passed down, but if my grams was right this is the oldest thing that has survived in my family. I haven’t been using this product very much anymore since I don’t have any sign of acne ever since that year of taking my grandma’s acne treatment, but I have been giving it to my children and so far no more acne has emerged on their skin.

I believe very strongly in what years and years of my family have passed down to me. I do not wish to make a pretty penny out of this. The shipping will cost exactly how much it will take to send the bottle to you and the rest of the money is going to go to how much the cost of the bottle is going to cost me to make. If you have any problems with your order I would be happy to send you a free complimentary bottle for you or your loved one.

Please tell your friends and family about us because I do not feel strongly towards the acne products that are on the market today. From what I can tell, they only cause more clogged pores which creates acne and acne blemishes. If you have any further questions please comment. Thank you!