Back Acne Treatment – How To Treat Your Bacne

If you are off to the beach or have to get your kit off and are ashamed of a sudden breakout of back acne, then relax, you are in the right place to lean all about the best back acne treatment.

Body or back acne, or ‘bacne’ as it is commonly referred to is associated with the onset of puberty and is more prevalent in men than women in their teenage years but not exclusively so. Women may suffer more from back acne around their menstrual cycles or during pregnancy.

It appears as pimples and blackheads and when more severe, pustules and cysts and its onset is normally triggered by excessive production of hormones and the skins oily secretion called sebum – the body’s natural waterproofing.

The issue is not so much the oil itself, rather the blocking of pores resulting in the build-up of certain types of harmful bacteria. The main thing to remember when treating bacne is to not panic or get stressed about it, it is perfectly normal and anxiety will only make things worse.

In this article we will look at practical tips to quickly treat back acne along with simple skin regimes to adopt and the most effective bacne products and remedies.

Free and easy practical tips to help cure back acne

Make sure the acne or pimples are not a reaction to, or being made worse by products and chemicals you are using next to your skin. If you are using a biological clothes detergent, switch to a gentler non-bio one.

Practise good personal hygiene and always ensure you shower after exercise and strenuous activity. Sweat can easily irritate acne and cause it to become inflamed further.

Use natural clothes fibres that allow your body to breath and for moisture to be able to exit easily and freely – cotton is perfect.If you have long hair then keep it away from any acne prone areas. The hair can both add to oily build up as well prevent your back, neck and shoulders from receiving natural sunlight which will help cure your back acne naturally.

Drink lots of water. This is the most important aspect of fighting any acne skin condition. Without sufficient water, our bodies cannot perform the most basic of bodily functions, such as excess hormone removal. Drink at least 8 glasses throughout the day. No acne treatment, no matter how good, will work as effectively without proper hydration.

Avoid processed and junk food at all costs and try to eat a well-balanced diet that includes fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, meats and nut and seeds as they all contain vitamins and minerals essential for healthy clear skin. See how to fade acne scars for more information about how diet can help.

One of the best things you can do to treat back acne is absolutely free – the sea and the sun! The salt water has natural sterilising and cleansing properties and the sun helps neutralise the harmful bacterial build plus give a dose of vitamin D. 15 minutes of sea and then sun is more than enough. Do not overdo it as you risk burning or aggravating your skin further and making it worse. Salt water and sun is one of the fastest ways to treat back acne.

If you’re not going on holiday or don’t live by the sea, which many of us don’t, then add some pure sea salt crystals to your baths. Depending on the size, add a few generous handfuls. Remember, if you have sensitive skin to shower the salt water off afterwards.

Helpful hints : a skin regime for your back

It is important to create a thorough skin regime for your back if you are to combat acne. The first thing to remember is correct ex-foliation is vital in assisting your body heal. First use a gentle exfoliating cloth or sponge to remove the dead skin and help unblock any pores. Then use an exfoliating scrub to get even deeper. You can either make your own, such as the popular brown sugar acne scrub with tea tree oil, or there are plenty of over the counter products to use, such as Exposed Skincare who do a great range of acne skincare products. Remember; be gentle as to not irritate the skin further.

Do not use regular soap on your bacne or other effected areas. This can make it worse by clogging the pores further with soap residue left behind.  Instead use a medicated product, or even better, a tea tree wash, which is a natural cleanser and is one of the most highly regarded natural treatments for acne.

Witch-hazel is another natural yet highly effective treatment of back acne. Not only is it very good for treating bruises and as a post-shave soothing balm, it is a strong anti-oxidant and astringent, which makes it very useful in fighting acne. It can be applied to the affected areas using cotton wool pads.

Once clean, use an oil free moisturiser to avoid both excessive drying and rapid build-up of the skins natural oils.

Effective over the counter products for your back acne

There are plenty of over the counter acne treatments available that can be used. Remember only to buy products tailored for your skin type, whether that is dry, normal, oily or combination and when you discover a brand that works for you try to use the complete range of to fully benefit from their research.

Exposed Skin Care, ZenMed, Murad and Neutrogena are all well known brands that have good results and provide complete back acne treatment solutions. Retinoid creams or retinoic acid is a new type of treatment for acne. It contains high amounts of vitamin A that assist the skin to heal. You can buy creams or topical lotions containing retinoid’s over the counter. However for the more concentrated products containing higher levels of these active ingredients, you must see you doctor in order to get a prescription.

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