Lemon Juice For Natural Skin lightening

The skin appears darker because of excessive production of color. The substance in the body is called melanin. Melanin is a natural pigment which is present in many part of our body like, hair, skin, eyes…

In short,the less melanin you produce, the more your skin will become brighter. Let’s not talk about chemical bleaching agent for skin solutions because they present in many case some harmful components like hydroquinone. Some of these products are illegal in various countries.

There are several natural methods that can be used for skin whitening. However, none of these methods proved really effective in making bright a dark skin complexion, but they help to remove the pain caused due to sunlight or other external factors like dark spots, dark eyes contours…

However there is no 100% proven method used to lighten skin permanently.

One way to get rid of the dark colored patches of skin is to use fresh lemon juice.

Can lemon juice bleach skin? This is one of the oldest known home remedies for obtaining a lighter skin in color. Apply lemon juice on your skin helps in whitening ofhair is present on the skin and thus believed to have been tried by many popular option in the flashing therapists not only skin but also helps prevent the development of freckles.

Fresh lemon juice is a natural product and therefore does not clog pores, as an alternative to synthetic or mineral, and it’s also easy  to carry in the pocketbook.

Remember however, that the juice of a lemon has an astringent property which will dry out the skin and in some cases may cause skin irritation, and then you will need to ensure that moisturize the skin frequently, or use lemon juice as a combination of base oils as olive oil or almond oil.

Preventing the dryness of skin is really important.