Hair Coloring: Avoid A Disaster (by zaklad fryzjerski tychy)

We`ve all had hair coloring experiences that left of full of regret and afraid to leave the house. Some of us have even experienced this after visiting a salon. We thought we were on the right track – we picked out the color we liked, chose a box with a model that looked just like we wanted to, and followed all the instructions. So how did our hair leave us looking like we`re somehow related to the orangutan family and nothing close to the girl on the box? Unfortunately, it`s not as simple as you think. We`ll tell you what you need to know to avoid a hair coloring disaster.

Fear of Commitment?

For those of us who like to experiment, there`s always temporary hair coloring. If you mess up, choose a wrong color, or want something a little wild for the month, this is a great option. It`s also a great way to test a certain shade or color you like before taking the plunge into permanent. You can find temporary coloring at any supermarket or beauty supply store and it usually uses very mild ingredients that won`t damage hair and washes out in 28 shampoos.

Take It Seriously

If you`ve decided to go for the permanent, take time to do it right and make informed decisions. When coloring hair, don`t make any impulsive choices in color or stylists – be patient and do your homework. Obviously, if you`re going with a drastic change, you`ll want it professionally done, at least until you have a handle on the exact products and process that results in what you want.

The more drastic the change you`re making in hair color, the more we recommend you research and choose the right process and stylist for you. The more drastic a change you make, the more processes will be involved in the coloring of your hair since there are many different shades and several different levels within each shade. For example, if you have dark brown hair and want to go light blonde, your hair must be chemically processed to go through each shade in between before producing the desired result. The more drastic the color change, the more complicated the process. Variations such as highlights and lowlights add drama and depth to hair but also complicate the process even more and add to the need for a professional.

The Finished Product

Choose a stylist that will spend time with you talking about the look you`re going for and will explain to you the steps in the coloring process that will achieve these results. A good stylist will have pictures of previous clients to show you, will walk through photos you bring that illustrate what you`re looking for, and will take the time to explain what products he or she will use. The stylist may even share some suggestions or tips on how to add the beauty of the result. A good stylist may be expensive, but if they work hard to help you avoid a hair-coloring regret, it`s well worth it.

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